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Marketing is essential for writers to gain exposure and connect with readers. Welcome to our blog page, where we share valuable pages that will help you with your marketing strategy. Writing is an art form, but without effective marketing, your work may not reach the audience it deserves. That's why it's crucial for writers to have a solid understanding of marketing strategies that can help them gain exposure and build a strong brand.

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Goodreads is a social media platform for book lovers. You can create an author page, add your book to their database, and participate in groups and discussions to connect with readers.

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Sprout Social

Sprout Social Insights is a blog that covers a variety of topics related to social media marketing, from strategy and analytics to industry news and trends. The information is available in different languages.


Smash Words

Smashwords is an online publishing platform that allows authors to publish and distribute their works as e-books. Its a popular platform for self-publishing authors, with over 500,000 authors and 900,000 books published on the platform.


Creative Penn

The Creative Penn is a YouTube channel run by Joanna Penn, a successful self-published author and entrepreneur. The channel provides a wealth of resources and advice for writers, covering topics such as writing craft, self-publishing, book marketing, and entrepreneurship. The videos feature interviews with other successful authors, as well as Joanna's own insights and experiences in the publishing industry.

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The Book Designer

The Book Designer is a website run by Joel Friedlander, a book designer and author. His site offers advice on book design, self-publishing, and book marketing, and he has a wealth of experience helping authors create and promote their books.

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BookBub is a book discovery platform that offers discounted and free books to its subscribers. You can submit your book for consideration to be featured in their daily emails and social media posts.

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Social Media

Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, etc are powerful tools for connecting with readers and other authors. You can use hashtags to promote your book and participate in book-related chats to build your audience.

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Buffer Blog

The Buffer blog provides a range of resources on social media strategy, including how-to guides, case studies, and industry insights.

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NetGalley is a platform that offers digital review copies of books to reviewers, librarians, and booksellers. You can use this platform to generate reviews and build buzz for your book.

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All Author

AllAuthor is a book marketing platform that offers a range of tools and services, including a book promotion calendar, social media automation, and book widgets for your website.

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Writers' Digest

Writers' Digest is a website and magazine that offers advice and resources for writers. They offer courses, workshops, and webinars on book marketing and promotion.

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Book Marketing Tools

Book Marketing Tools is a website that offers a range of book marketing services and resources, including book promotion websites, book marketing courses, and book marketing tools. They also have a blog section with articles on book marketing and promotion.

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Jane Friedmand

Jane Friedman is a publishing industry expert and author who offers advice on writing, publishing, and book marketing. Her website features articles and resources on everything from building an author platform to launching your book successfully.

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Editage - Book Promotion Ideas Article

"11 Powerful Book Promotion Ideas for Self-Published Authors" is an article on the Editage website that offers practical advice and tips on how self-published authors can effectively promote their books. The article covers a range of promotion strategies, including social media marketing, book reviews, giveaways, and book signings.


HubSpot Marketing Blog

The HubSpot Marketing Blog provides a range of resources on social media marketing, including guides, tutorials, and case studies.

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Amazon Author Central

Amazon Author Central is a free platform that allows you to create an author page on Amazon. You can add your bio, photos, and links to your books.

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This article "25 Best Book Marketing Books for Authors" on Kindlepreneur will give you a comprehensive guide that highlights some of the best books on book marketing for authors. The article is divided into five sections, each focusing on a different aspect of book marketing, such as social media marketing, advertising, and book launches.

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Marketing Love Story (Book)

"Marketing: A Love Story" by Bernadette Jiwa is a book that challenges traditional marketing practices and encourages businesses to focus on creating meaningful connections with their customers. The book presents marketing as a story, with the customer as the hero and the business as the guide.

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Social Media Examiner

This blog offers in-depth articles and tutorials on social media marketing strategies and tactics, as well as interviews with industry experts.



BookSweeps is a platform that helps authors build their email lists. You can offer a free book or other bonus content in exchange for readers subscribing to your email list.

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NY Book Editors

NY Book Editors believes every author has the power to entertain, educate, and make an impact through the stories they tell. Our award winning veteran editors have helped first time authors become New York Times Bestsellers. Media Shift calls us, "highly trained professionals who know your market." 

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LibraryThing is a social media platform for book lovers and librarians. You can create an author profile and connect with readers, as well as participate in book giveaways and book promotion events.

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Kobo Writing Life

Kobo Writing Life is a platform for self-published authors. They offer ebook distribution, as well as book marketing and promotion tools.

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Book Marketing Tools

IngramSpark is a self-publishing platform that offers a range of services for authors, including book printing, ebook distribution, and book marketing. They have a blog section with articles on book marketing and promotion, and they offer a range of marketing services, such as book discovery tools and social media promotion.

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